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Kid's Shabbat Program - 10:30 AM to approximately NOON.
All children aged 3 to 12 are invited for a Kid's Shabbat Program.
Parents are encouraged to join our program leaders and their kids for learning, play time, and snacks.

Avot Ubanim 2018-2019

Avot Ubanim 5779/2018-19 winter program is back @ Beth Hamidrash! with super amazing prizes, fresh hot popcorn, and yummy snacks every week!

Bring along your Father, Mother, Uncle, Auntie, Brother, Sister, Grandpa or Grandma and spend some quality time studying any Torah you wish.

Kick-start your week on the right foot with so many others in a warm friendly and inspiring atmosphere!

Week 8 - Parshat Bo January 12, Shabbat Ends @ 5:32 PM. Avot Ubanim @ 6:00 PM

Week 9 - Parshat Beshalach January 19, Shabbat Ends @ 5:41 PM. Avot Ubanim @ 6:00 PM
Week 10 - Parshat Yitro January 26, Shabbat Ends @ 5:51 PM. Avot Ubanim @ 6:20 PM
Week 11 - Parshat Mishpatim February 2, Shabbat Ends @ 6:01 PM. Avot Ubanim @ 6:30 PM
Week 12 - Parshat Terumah February 9 GRAND FINALE - SPECIAL PRIZES FOR PARTICIPATING MEMBERS. Shabbat Ends @ 6:12 PM. Avot Ubanim @ 6:35 PM

Double raffle tickets every time you get here ON TIME!

The Avot Ubanim program and learning has been kindly sponsored
in memory of the late Sarah Elias (z"l).