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Congregation Beth Hamidrash is very pleased to announce that we have finalized an agreement and will be welcoming Rabbi & Rabbanit Shlomo and Rachel Gabay to Vancouver in March 2018

Rabbi Gabay is 30 years old, and is currently one of several rabbis in Gibraltar, a community which is mostly Sephardic, where he provides a wide range of rabbinical and chazzanut services. He and Mrs. Gabay have three young daughters. As it happens, Mrs. Gabay is the niece of our own former rabbi, David Bassous!

The Rabbi was born in England, and received his early training in the Gateshead Beth Hamedrash Knesset Yechezkel. He then spent four years in Israel at Bet Shemesh, where he acted as chazzan, gabai, delivered shiurim, and directed the youth. He was also involved in general activities in the Anglo community, through Kehillat Meam Loez, and led high holiday services. While in Israel, the Rabbi received smicha from the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Kollel Darchei Horaah LeRabbanim in Jerusalem.

In 2010, the family moved to Gibraltar, where the Rabbi received smicha (yoreh yoreh) from the Gateshead Rav, who is the Av Beit Din of Gateshead. In Gibraltar, the Rabbi is managing director of the Kollel's Community Outreach Projects, and teaches Gemara and Halacha in the Jewish boys' high school. He is the Maggid Shiur for Daf Yomi, and conducts weekly shiurim. The Rabbi is also the Founder and Director of the Shovavim Project of Gibraltar, an annual six week learning program, featuring international speakers and a gala dinner. Mrs. Gabay works as a graphics and web site designer. The Rabbi says that she has a warm and outgoing personality, and is passionate about building relationships. She is a trained teacher of Judaics, and also has training in marriage counselling and in Kallah preparation.