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All events are held at the synagogue unless otherwise posted.

Weekly Kiddushim

Weekly kiddushim following Shachrit services on Shabbat sponsored by the members and congregants of Beth Hamidrash.

Saturday, November 17, 2018 - This week's kiddush lunch is sponsored by Dan Elezam in recognition of the yahrzeit of his mother, Flora Elezam (Freda bat Aharon, z"l).

This week's L'Chaim is sponsored by Jeff & Cheryl Puterman, in honour of the birth and complete refuah shlema of their great-nephew, Tinok ben Chana, following successful surgery on November 12 in Paris.

Contact the office to choose a date to sponsor your kiddush. It could be a date that is special to you (a birthday, a yahrzeit, your Bar Mitzvah Parashat). An announcement will be made on our web page, in the weekly email bulletin, and in the printed weekly Shabbat bulletin. It will be up to you to decide whether you have your kiddush catered, provide the meal yourself (all food must be prepared in the Beth Hamidrash kitchen), or just make a donation to the synagogue to cover the regular weekly light kiddush.